Birdie's Nest

We call it “The Surgery”

The surgery is the part of my studio where I make my soap.  This is the basement kitchen in my home. We call it the surgery because it’s where I operate on Birdie’s Soap Nest.  The word “Surgery” comes from the Latin word “chirurgiae” meaning handwork.


Everything starts with an idea. The recipe binder is my collection of recipes that  I have created over the years.

 Don’t ask because I’m not telling. 




Once I have created my recipe, I start putting it all together














I never have enough fragrances so there s always one or two on order.  



My molds go on forever.  There’s no real orderly fashion; I just dig until I find the one  I need.  The wooden molds are all handmade by Scott.  Isn’t that cool?


 One the recipe is made, it’s poured into a mold and allowed to set for about 2 days before cutting. 




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