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Our watermelon soap started off so pretty.  It was a white soap with pretty red swirls and a green top.  It smells just like fresh watermelon. Now look it at!.  The red just took over and you can barely see any white. Even though it may not look so pretty, its still a great bar of soap.  It took on its own unique look and that’s pretty cool. Just like all of my soaps, this has cocoa butter and natural oils and its gentle enough for even the most sensitive skin. 

Watermelon soap is a gender friendly bar perfect for anyone, even kids. All of our recipes are formulated with high quality natural oils and butters. This creates a beautiful bar of soap that is safe for all skin types. 

Skin safe micas and fragrances and all of our ingredients are all sourced in the USA.  We use the traditional cold process method of soap making. It takes a little longer, about 6 weeks or more for a bar of soap to be ready for use, but we feel this is the method that produces the best results in our handmade soap. It allows us to control exactly what goes into the recipe, which means we know there are no preservatives or chemicals.

Our soap batches are small and that means that we are able to produce a higher quality bar of soap that is easy to customize. 

Browse through our shop and you’ll find that any of our handmade soap make great gifts.  For another uplifting and fresh soap, try our Citrus Sage bar here.    

Here’s a fun project perfect for kids.  Making watermelon soap with melt and pour is safe and quick.  Check it out here.

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