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Our Chamomile handmade soap is a gentle exfoliating bar with dried chamomile flowers mixed in.

Once the soap is poured into the molds, the top is sprinkled with more chamomile flowers. 

For a more luxurious feel, this soap is made with milk rather than water and we left it natural in its color.

All of our recipes are formulated with high quality natural oils and butters.

This creates a beautiful bar of soap that is safe for all skin types. 

We use skin safe micas and fragrances and all of our ingredients are sourced in the USA.

We use the traditional cold process method of soap making.  It takes a little longer, about 6 weeks or more for a bar of soap to be ready for use,

but we feel this is the method that produces the best results in our handmade soap. It allows us to control exactly what goes into the recipe

which means we know there are no preservatives or chemicals.  Our soap batches are small and that means that we are

able to produce a higher quality bar of soap that is easy to customize.

Browse through our shop and you’ll find that any of our products make great gifts.  

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The bar is inspired by the Clay Sparrow

Visit this link to learn more about the Clay Sparrow

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