Body Salt Scrubs


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Body salt scrubs are a popular body treatment at spas. Now you can bring that experience home with our scrubs. All are handmade with high quality ingredients like food grade coconut oil, Himalayan sea salt, natural essential oils or skin safe fragrances. Each scrub is packed into a reusable glass jar with lid and wooden spoon to help keep your salts dry when not in use. Choose from 6 fabulous scents.

There are several benefits to using a salt scrub. One of the greater benefits is the glow that your skin has after using the scrub. There are different grades of salt, and sea salt is the best option to getting that glow.. You can rejuvenate your skin by gently exfoliating and removing dead skin cells, leaving your skin feeling soft and smooth. 

Some body scrubs can actually improve the look of aging skin, especially those that include ground coffee as an ingredient. The coffee grounds are best to use for cellulite prone skin. 

Our body salt scrubs pair beautifully with our Sea Salt bar soap found here or pair it with our bentonite clay bar soap here

If you would like to learn more about salt scrubs or how to use them, click this link.

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Weight 9 oz
Dimensions 5 × 5 × 5 in

Lavender, Coffee with Pink Himalayan Sea Salt, Citrus with Litsea Essential Oil, Chamomile, Grapefruit, Peppermint


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