Birdie's Nest

Birdie's Nest is where we create a lot of body products - soaps, bath bombs, gift sets, bakery soaps and other items.  Sometimes, things don't work out as planned and I get stuck with products that have ruffled my feathers a bit too much.  You might see these items when I do a promotion, but for the most part, Birdie is a perfectionist.  If I'm not happy, it doesn't go into our shop. I do a lot down here.  Birdie's Nest also acts as my wrapping station, labeling station, shipping station and all other things that involve the not so easy side of owning a business. [post-carousel id="2620"]

  • Birdie's Nest

    We’re Moving Soon!

    [meta_gallery_carousel]   I have been running mad over the last couple of weeks trying to squeeze a thousand tasks into a small 3 week window. One of the things is moving our products into our new space and be ready by April 3rd.  I bought these cute ladder shelves and did a whitewash on them and…

  • Birdie's Nest

    It must be bath bomb day!

    While Scott is working tirelessly in the garage refinishing a cabinet that my very dear friend Debbie gave to him, I find myself in a rather creative mood in my studio.  I’ve decided to do another foaming bath bomb but this time, something a little more shabby chic.  My thoughts go towards using this great little…

  • Birdie's Nest

    Belle & the Beast

    I make more bath bombs than I care to count.  I didn’t start off with the thought of making them but I do sell a lot of them.  If you have ever tried to make one, you’ll know how aggravating they can be.  I’ve made thousands, so I’ve passed that stage but none-the-less, they are tedious. …

  • Birdie's Nest

    New & Exciting

    We have been a little busy in the nest the last few days getting some of our new products ready for the shop.  For all you bath bomb lovers, we’ve added a beautiful Peaceful Hearts Gift set.  This set is perfect as a gift.  It’s already gift boxed.  We can’t forget about the mind, body and…

  • Birdie's Nest

    Today in the Studio

    Today is all about bath bombs.  On the menu:  Watermelon, Lavender, Cherry and Geranium Rose.  If I have enough time in the day, (because I don’t already have enough to do), I’m going to make some bath bomb cupcakes too.     

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