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Belle & the Beast

I make more bath bombs than I care to count.  I didn’t start off with the thought of making them but I do sell a lot of them.  If you have ever tried to make one, you’ll know how aggravating they can be.  I’ve made thousands, so I’ve passed that stage but none-the-less, they are tedious.  I make simple little luxuries but sometimes I end up with something that I truly love and this time, I have done just that.  These remind me of my favorite movie that makes me feel 6 years old again.  Ask Scott and he will tell you that I know every single word and every single song in every single scene in Beauty & the Beast. I sing along every time I see this movie.  My eyes are wide open and my heart is overflowing with joy.   So when I saw these on Pinterest, you know I just had to make them.  I’m not sure what the ingredients are in the one’s I saw but when I made these, I had to make them foaming in the tub.  When they foam, I think about all the layers on Belle’s beautiful yellow dress.  I will have these in the shop soon so that you will have something that makes my heart sing.

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